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Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Jewellery Display Stuff

There are countless different ways to display your jewellery at a craft fair. I was at a loss for how to display my earrings, which I sell on my homemade earring cards.  I came up with this design for an earring rack.  They were easy to make, inexpensive, and they are light enough to carry to craft shows and fairs.  I keep these racks loaded with earrings, and covered with clear plastic bags, and when I have a craft fair to do, I just pull the plastic bags off, and voila!

This is the earring rack empty.
This is the earring rack fully loaded.

I used 12-gauge copper wire to hang the earring cards on, and bent it into spirals at the ends to finish the look.

 I love these earring racks!  I need to make more to hold all my new designs.  They only cost about $15 each to make.   

Another logistical problem I had was how to display my line of long, rope-length necklaces.  None of the necklace forms I saw in the stores were tall enough, and even my tallest T-bar let the necklaces drag on the table.  Then I found this mannequin-style jewellery holder at Winners for $19.99.  It's tall enough to display the longest necklaces, and I can even hook earrings onto the mesh.  It's black, too, so it goes with my table linens, and it will give my display height and interest. 

Now I'd like to buy two or three folding aluminum camp tables, and an Easy-Up tent for outdoor craft fairs.  Eventually, I'll have my display just the way I like it.  Later, readers!

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  1. Very nice, I especially like the spirals and a finishing touch, thanks for sharing.