This blog is meant to be a record of my adventures as a new home-based business owner. Starting my jewellery business was one of the most daunting things I've ever done, next to giving birth. Especially since I was (am?) pretty technically stunted. In this blog I will describe the trials, tribulations and, hopefully, eventual successes I experience while navigating the world of (really, really, really small) business. I also plan to use this blog to talk about all the aspects of jewellery design that fascinate me, keep me addicted, and cause me to spend thousands of dollars (What, honey? No, I didn't say thousands...) on gemstones, beads, findings, etc. I welcome your input, ideas, and stories of similar experiences in beading, jewellery design, or running a handcrafts business.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Blog Discovery

I was perusing my Etsy Stats (which I never do, because it's depressing,) and I came across a blog that apparently mentioned one of my pieces.  So I immediately clicked on the link, and voila!  There was my Jane Eyre necklace!  The blog is called  younotnaked .  I know what you're thinking, but no, it's a fashion blog.  Each post has a theme around which the author designs outfits.  The theme of this particular post was, naturally, Jane Eyre.  I love the way the blogger presents clothes and accessories this way.  I wouldn't normally look at a fashion blog because most of today's trends in fashion typically don't flatter my body.  But younotnaked is more like a fantasy shopping trip.  She describes her blog as "the grown-up version of Barbies," and "what I would wear if I was rich and skinny."  Love it! 

I was so excited that someone else saw my work as "fashion" that I took my laptop around to all my colleagues to show them.  And, she called me an "artist" Tee-hee!

Check it out here.  It's the August 17th post, titled, "You Transfix Me Quite."

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