This blog is meant to be a record of my adventures as a new home-based business owner. Starting my jewellery business was one of the most daunting things I've ever done, next to giving birth. Especially since I was (am?) pretty technically stunted. In this blog I will describe the trials, tribulations and, hopefully, eventual successes I experience while navigating the world of (really, really, really small) business. I also plan to use this blog to talk about all the aspects of jewellery design that fascinate me, keep me addicted, and cause me to spend thousands of dollars (What, honey? No, I didn't say thousands...) on gemstones, beads, findings, etc. I welcome your input, ideas, and stories of similar experiences in beading, jewellery design, or running a handcrafts business.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jeweler's Block

I've been spending a lot of time promoting Bead Planet lately.  I've been blogging regularly, handing out business cards and flyers, telling everyone I know about my Etsy shop, updating my shop and my Facebook page as often as I can, participating in newbie chats on Etsy, and reading every article I can on how to promote your small jewellery business.  With all this and teaching full time, tutoring part time, and raising two kids, I have very little time left to actually make any jewellery.  When I do get a few minutes to bead lately, I find I'm blocked.  I look at the plethora of stones and beads in front of me, and I just feel paralyzed.  Other artists must feel this way sometimes. What do you do when you're experiencing a creative block? How do you get the creative juices flowing again?

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